About Us

ronin [roh-nin] noun,

1. masterless samurai, or lone warriors.

Our Process

Making Digital Simple


We meet you and get to know you, your goals and your audience.


We’ll get your input on solution recommendations we drafted based on your needs.

Working Session

We get together to gather all your input on the solutions, and even begin designing together.

Design and Develop

We’ll design and develop what we agreed on. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to see our work and provide feedback.

Hand-Off and Training

We’ll meet to discuss the final solution. As needed, we’ll train you on how to use and maintain the solution too.

On-Going Support

If you signed up for it, we’ll continue to provide you with ongoing maintenance and training support.

Kristina Williams

Learning and Content

Kristina went Ronin a few years back when she left her corporate job to open a training consultancy, Level 4 Learning. A few years in, she realized that her clients could benefit from the development and visual expertise Terry brings and decided to join forces with him under Ronin Interactive.

Kristina has over 10 years of experience in training design and development and content writing, working for and with names such as Bank of America, Accenture, Newell Rubbermaid and Ingersoll Rand.

When not working, Kristina is tackling her two daughters affectionately named, Panda and the Honey Badger.  A self-proclaimed “nerd,” she enjoys listening to WAY too many podcasts, plundering the depths of the Kindle store and doing writing prompts. If you get her on the phone, beware as she’s known to be an impulsive giggler.

Terry Williams

Visuals and Development

After working 8 years as a designer and front-end developer at a design firm, Terry broke out on this own to hone his skills in the unforgiving landscape known as self-employment.  While most of his peers were flocking to work at firms, Terry saw his move to create something of his own as going rogue; thus how the idea of Ronin Interactive came to genesis.

Terry has 10 years of experience working with clients in creating digital experiences that gain the audiences businesses need most.

When he is not wrangling in his two feral daughters, Terry can be found “picking things up & putting them down”, cycling,  slashing through an RPG or taking pictures around Charlotte.