Your On-Demand Training Team

To lighten the load. Remove the burden. Pinch hit.

However you want to think of it, we bring the resources to you, to create your training quickly and within budget.

Online training can take anywhere from 40 to a few hundred hours to create. Spread that across all the other work you have to do, and those hours turn into weeks and months. What if you could just focus on creating the training and forget everything else you have to work on? It’d be so much quicker to get done. But, alas, that’s just a daydream. But, it’s not a fantasy for us. This is our expertise and we are good at it.  We have our ‘For Hire’ light on, and we’re ready to be your on-demand training team.

What We Work On

New, custom eLearning creation

Micro-learning experiences

Scenario-based training

Software simulation training

In-person to eLearning conversions

In-person to virtual training conversions

Flash/out-dated course conversions

Traditional in-person training

How it works

Consultation – Let’s Chat

You schedule a consultation with us. We let out a little ‘woohoo’ as we see the meeting invite come through Calendly. We quickly assess what it would take to get your training done during this virtual call.

Estimate & Schedule – Getting Serious

We provide you with an initial time and cost estimate based on our consultation. You let out a little ‘woohoo’ as you’re just a step away now from putting this work effort on someone else’s shoulders. Once you approve the estimate, we place your training into a production schedule. You take a sigh of relief, and we get excited to make the magic happen.

Design & Develop – The Magic Happens

We use rapid design and development processes to create your training. These processes, developed through years of experience in the industry, allow us to beat typical training production timelines, delivering your training faster. But don’t worry, we won’t sacrifice effectiveness. We still use industry best training strategies in the learning we create.

We will have visual, animation and audio assets for you.

Review – The Magic Gets Better

Ding. There’s a new email in your inbox. You can’t believe it, but we’re done with an initial training and it’s ready for your review. You provide us with input based on our initial draft. Check. We’re close to the finish line now. 

Update – Moments from the Finish Line

We start seeing the comments come in on your course. We update based on your feedback.

Approve & Release – Cross the Line, Take the Credit

Three cheers, because you’re almost there. You take a final look through the training, approve and release it to your learners. You step into the spotlight, and take all the credit for getting your organization the training it needed, and we cheer for your success from behind the curtains.