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Building a website can be a bit stressful; trust us we know, we do this for a living. Even the easiest solutions can leave you a bit wanting in advice. How do I get something to look like I want? How do I get this to do what I want?…etc. While Squarespace provides easy to use and robust tools for people looking to build their own websites, their Knowledgebase and tutorials can seem a bit overwhelming to people who don’t eat and breath websites day and night. In our session, we will help you get the answers you are looking for to the questions you have been dying to ask. 

Topics We Can Go Over

How to get started

Finding the perfect theme for your needs

Setting up your domain on your new site

Customizing your website

Connecting your social media

Why you should choose Squarespace

Setting up your online store

Connecting 3rd party services

Maximizing your websites potentials with content & workflows

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We are currently planning a workshop for September 19th at Advent Coworking. If you haven’t already, register for the event by going here and purchasing your admission. Then come back and complete this form. Thanks!

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